Citation – 2017

The first time most of us stood on this stage was when we delivered our dialogues for the class assembly. What a privilege that was. It is a greater privilege now, to be able to give a gratitude speech in the very same auditorium all these years later. In fact, this very auditorium that has been seating us for years is where most of our memories were born. Intra-School MUN, remember what a huge success that was? Choreographing for Teachers’ Day, and Farwell! Razzamatazz. Yuva Vichar Manch. Student Council meetings. They’re too many.

And it’s not just this auditorium. We have memories in every corner of this brick building. The skating rink, the canteen, the porta cabins, peeking inside the staff room to find our teachers and submit our notebooks, the stairs on the extremes, the library, the computer lab. Having GT meetings in the AV room. Skipping classes for Youth power activities. Our hands smelling of chemicals after the chemistry practical, and the optical bench making a loud sound after slipping of the edge of the table. If you want me to go on, I’d name every single classroom too. The second floor particularly reminds you of your middle school days.

The class of 2017 will prove to be some of the brightest minds, and this school hosts brilliantly talented students. List professions. And this is a class of only 150!

We’ve accomplished a lot in these 14 years. Isn’t 7 the most magically powerful number? 14 is twice of that! How did we get from there to here? Study and practice. And help. To our teachers, I’d like to say thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with us. You sure did put in a lot of effort. Thank you Vibha ma’am and Rachna ma’am for making English period our favourite. Yes, our tiffins were actually open in the desk, and the stooping down for picking a pen was actually taking a bite. Not that we fooled anyone. Thank you Deepak sir for providing us the much needed motivation in 12th, and for giving us your maximum support, that was no lesser than that of our parents. Meenu ma’am, for being the most adorable teacher from 8th grade to now, and for mentoring usbefore we left for MUNs. Smriti ma’am for helping me in 11th and 12th, and for appreciating me and my non-feasible projects. Parul ma’am, your morning talks on physics and spirituality were delightful.Yashika ma’am, for making Computer Science much more fun, the satisfaction of seeing your output flash on the screen is unparalleled. Rahul sir and Sapna ma’am are not here today, but let me thank them too, they were brilliant teachers. Thank you Naveen sir for helping us out tooin every possible way and for asking me to get a haircut.

It wasn’t just the teachers though. Thank you all the didis and bhaiyas for keeping our school clean and safe. You do deserve a medal.

When I boast about my school, I always say we have the best principal. Thank you so much Mohan ma’am for making our school life much better. We wouldn’t have been anything without the discipline and uniformity. Your support and critique have made this small school the best of the best, and we will remain indebted to your compassion. Shalini ma’am, thank you for being there for us too, and even though you’re in charge of the junior wing, you always made your presence felt. Thank you for being such a great help to my sister! Amika ma’m, you will always have our admiration and respect for all the work you’ve done for us, selflessly. Thank you Shaifali ma’am, though you aren’t here. You went out of your way to assist us with school events and personal problems.

Now, look at all of you crying. Weren’t you crying 14 years ago, when your mother dropped of you off to school? “No, mom, I don’t want to go.” Our parents would be hearing the same phrase tonight!

Congratulations, class of 2017! Another milestone crossed. Now, onto the breach, dear friends, onto to the breach once more. To leave our mark in the world.

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