Musk in High School

This article lists a breakdown of what I did, and who I was in high school.

Class 9th

This was when I started my MUNing career. Went for 3-4 MUN conferences (inter-school) and attended one inter-school MUN. Bagged two awards, Special mention and High Commendation. This was also the year I started becoming an annual page editor with the school newspaper, The Global Times, participating in the “Best Newspaper” contest. In the academic field, I scored 10 CGPA. I attended a ‘Leadership Camp’, spanning a period of 5 days, in which we were taught leadership skills, and how to define our personalities, improve our skill sets, prioritise tasks, etc. I also participated in Silverzone Foundation’s International French Olympiad and acquired 2nd position in class, 35 state rank, and 118 Olympiad rank, thus bagging a silver medal.

Class 10th

This year I indulged in maximum extra-curricular activities, balancing my academics as well. I continued my MUNing career by participating in four more MUN conferences, bagging a ‘Best Delegate’ award. In two such conferences, I attended the International Atomic Energy Agencies committees, which had agendas regarding nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons. This was the first step towards developing my interest in nuclear science. I continued serving as a page editor with The Global Times, but this year was promoted to the cover page editor. My cover story was applauded by the judges, and thus I was given the prestigious award of the ‘Most Outstanding Story’.


My biggest achievement during all four years at high school was participating in a competition, ‘Youth Power’. Teams of four, each from different schools, had to choose a topic, related to social welfare, and work towards the cause for four to five months. There were three stages: Awareness, Tangible and Fund-raising. Our team conducted a total of 101 activities, thus breaking the previous record of 75. Some of the major activities were: conducting a dental camp for the whole school (including the helpers and guards), providing for the medicines prescribed to the school helpers and guards, visit an Old Age Home on Christmas with gifts and cake, funded for six underprivileged kids’ dental treatment worth Rs. 15,000, organising a ‘Milk Booth’ in the school to raise funds for the underprivileged, and many more. Our school, Amity International School, has a separate program for underprivileged girls and boys, namely Amitasha and Atulasha respectively. We conducted the same dental camp for them, and sponsored their medicines. For the tangible phase, I took the initiative of making a herbal toothpaste, and got it approved by a dentist. I also made a toothpaste dispenser, along with a fluoride filter, and uploaded the videos on YouTube. We also held a Panel Discussion, and our panel members varied from dentists, to teachers, to parents, and to helpers. All our efforts finally paid off, when we bagged the ‘First Prize’!


At the nearing end of the term, I applied for posts in the Student Council, and all the work that I did for the whole year was awarded when I was appointed as the Vice Head Girl for the next session!


This year, I had my bags packed ready for the next vacation. We went to Abu Dhabi and Dubai in September, Jim Corbett(a wildlife sanctuary in India) in October, and Phuket, Thailand in January. While I was mostly sick in Dubai, I did enjoy Jim Corbett. We did a load of mountain trekking, and Phuket was beautiful and the beach was where I survived most of the trip.

The year ended with another 10 CGPA .


This proficiency in academics was awarded by the school in the form of a shining trophy! I also received a letter from Smriti Zubin Irani, Minister Human Resource Development, Government of India, and a Certification of Merit from Central Board of Secondary Education, India.

Class 11th

This year started off with buying a new laptop, which assisted me in identifying in my main interest fields. I developed a passion for nuclear science: radioactivity, half-lives, decay rates, etc. and decided to make a project for the same. I wrote up an analysis of carbon-14 and calculated how much energy would any amount of the element release on decaying. I went on straight ahead with the project, but came to a dead-end when I realised that carbon-14 has an extremely large half-life, which can’t be reduced unless any new innovation in science takes place. My obsession, however, hasn’t died, and I will continue looking for an answer to my problem, which I dedicated my whole 2015 summer to.

My summer, was also spent in Russia: we(my family and I) visited Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Though the Russian language script was different,  I got the hang of each letter within a couple of days by reading their magazines and billboards on the train (bullet trains <3) and during the flight. Most breath-taking country I had ever visited, it was life-changing for me. And I returned to India with a resolution to bring a change to improve our inconvenient road traffic system, and work towards pedestrian rights.

Summer ended with the development of my hard-core obsession for Sherlock, the BBC TV show. I had always been a fanatic of the books.

I was offered the position for the front-page editor once again, due to my past achievements and experiences with The Global Times, and I gladly accepted it.

I had also, by then, become a refined member of the school MUN club, and was appointed as an Executive Board member in the inter-school MUN. I served as the Vice Chair for the General Assembly.


Being a part of the school debate club as well, I participated in a debate competition, organised by Powergrid, on the topic of ‘Vigilante Justice’. I bagged the first prize, and was given a shiny trophy, along with prize money worth Rs. 5,000, which I donated to Atulasha, our school’s institution for underprivileged children.

Finally, I scored 72% aggregate.

This year, I also developed an interest for another TV show, Doctor Who. The show inspired me to think a way out of violence, while dealing with impossible situations. It taught me the importance of emotions, peace, and relationships. The Doctor, the protagonist, does not have any superpowers, or a death ray, or any mutant features. He has an extra heart. He does not have a weapon, but a sonic screwdriver to fix things. He does not have a warship, or a chariot, but a Police Telephone box, from which you can call for help. There’ll never be a time when you don’t need a hero like the Doctor, who saves the earth from alien attacks, not by killing the aliens, or detonating this planet’s nuclear weapons, but by devising plans out of the box(pun intended).

Class 12th

The year has just begun, and will soon approach its end. I took the SAT, SAT subject tests, and an AP exam. At the beginning of the school year, I became a part of a team which applied to participate in ‘Beamlines for Schools’, a project conducted by the CERN, a nuclear research centre in Geneva, Switzerland. Our team wrote an abstract of the project we wished to pursue, and made a video on the same. And, yes, we didn’t make the cut 🙁

I started on another project, Cold Nuclear Fusion. When I read about the topic the very first thing that I came across was that this phenomena was fictitious. Which wasn’t going to stop me. I’m making a CFR (cold fusion reactor). I’m still in the process of execution,

So long!

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