The D-Day

Sweaty palms, racing hearts. A speech revised, complete with charts. Youth Power finale was here and we were ready not ready, ready, not ready.

Our presentation began with a video

Unfortunately, I can’t upload a video of our speech, as there is none 😛 So the written speech would have to suffice.

4.8 billion people. Surprising, isn’t it? 4.8 billion people out of a population of 7 billion own a mobile phone while ONLY 4.3 billion have a toothbrush. Flabbergasting isn’t it? This statement aptly describes the extent to which oral well being is unknown and ignored. What is required to bring a change? A 100 activities covering all aspects of the cause? Is that all? NO. What is required is a heart filled with concern for the cause.

Campaigns at Raahgiri, along with flash mobs, street plays were organised in association with Delhi Metro and Epicuria, nehru place that stirred the crowd and 4,65,000 people cheered and supported the cause which added to the ethos of the campaign.

Now about its far reaching effect, we stepped out of our comfort zones and out to the audience in cities like Agra & Mumbai and made an impact globally through campaigning in  UK, Spain and Germany. We also Interacted with the mayor of Paderborn, Germany, Mr Hainz paul. Signature campaigns in various events such as sports day, Founder’s day, school PTM and presentations were able to grab the attention of 5,000 people.

Over 50 localities in delhi were covered, touching 25000 people, by rallies, disinfecting toothbrushes and spreading awareness, by our 32 intact volunteers.

They say charity begins at home. So do you want to know how we began? We began by organizing a dental camp for 2000 people. We included people from all socioeconomic groups: students of  Atulasha, the school helpers as well as residents of Home for the Aged, Chhatarpur Delhi, along with our own school students.

Did we stop there? NO. As a follow up for the camp we distributed the prescribed medicines to the school helpers free of cost. The young Atulasha boys were given a dental kit each and taught how to brush teeth and make a sand timer so as to ensure that they brush for at least two minutes.

Our campaign had an impact. We can say because we know that If you pick up any 1st grader from our school, they would know about our cause. What did they say, kirti?

“Haan, aap woh 32 intact waali didi ho na” (You’re that 32 intact girl, aren’t you?)

This was achieved by conducting workshops and presentations which  were shown across classes KG to class third.

Does that sound clichéd to you? Well, we put the young minds to their creative bests. Fun activities like a fancy dress show and the masterchef were conducted, covering 1500 students.

Was it only in classes where our presence was felt? No, We marked our at the Junior Intra-school model UN where the World Health Organization was simulated and children discussed the access to dental care.

Not everyone may be aware of oral hygiene, particularly not the lower strata of society. Thus, to reach them, the team distributed basic dental kits and calcium sachets amongst RWA workers and security guards in our colonies.

The team’s interaction with women at the rotary slum center on the harmful effects of chewing gutka and eating paan made them realize the danger of oral cancer looming large at them. The team also interacted with school maids and guards.

Clean teeth come with clean toothbrushes and most of us don’t know that toothbrushes need to be changed in every 3 months and disinfected fortnightly. Pamphlets regarding the same were distributed through the RWA’s of the Team members to spread the word amongst over a 1000 residents and the process was carried out for school helpers.

In today’s world, Social Media is one of the best mediums to interact with audiences on a large scale and we reached audiences across Japan, USA, Pakistan, Poland and many more countries.
Our activities got us support of thousands of people.

32 Intact’s social media campaign included various innovative contests & activities which helped us reach a total of nearly 4 lakh people through our social media interaction.
We made sure we conveyed our message of better oral well being though all our activities including fundraisers. The first one being organizing a milk booth where we offered flavored milk to the students to promote calcium intake for healthy teeth

The team then designed and sold calendars with facts and tips on dental care which was also published in the global times and reached 35,000 households. Toothbrush covers made of duct tape, involving practically 0 cost were sold.

As it is said, “Be the change you want to see”, we made sure 32 intact made its impact, on minds and lives alike. For our tangible phase we identified underprivileged children with dental problems such as cavities, bleeding gums, toothache, etc. and got their treatment worth 15,000 free of cost. 6 such children walked back home with smiling teeth because of our efforts.

Our team made a herbal toothpaste, with all edible ingredients, along with this, a toothpaste dispenser, was made which released the required amount of toothpaste on the brush, and a huge audience benefitted from this, as its video was also released.

Similarly a fluoride filter was also made to check the fluoride levels in toothpastes so as to make people aware of what they are in taking and to what extent. Whitening Scale approved by a well-known dentist was launched and distributed among the students.

To study the impact & success of “ before after” a whitening check was performed on 10 people. They were asked to use home remedies and the whitening levels were recorded. The team created an app by the name of 32 intact which talked about properties of fruits that make them good or bad for teeth and how.

Gathering expert opinion is of great significance to any cause for which we conducted a forum with eminent panelists from all walks of life to discuss and deliberate over the significance of oral well being.

What began as 32 Intact was an honest endeavor to put across to our young audience the neglected arena that is dental health which if not taken care of leads to deleterious repercussions. You would now ask what, well who knew that a gum disease could lead to anemia? That it could reduce the female’s chance of giving birth to a healthy child? That it could make somebody more prone to Alzheimer’s? That is could take toll of your health all over.

The need to take a stand and to lend a helping hand is now stronger than ever – and we’re proud to have rallied behind it for a period of six months and reached over a million people but we’re not saying that’s all it would be for.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that was the winning speech. Our winning speech.

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