Powerful and Complete

She sleeps with a heavy heart, and wakes up with an iron brain. There’s not a single moment when she loses sight of her prospects. She has everything, more than she can ever imagine. But she’s lacking an elixir. An elixir that’s Powerful and Complete. She desires Power, and strives to be Complete but her heart is pusillanimous, and her brain fragmented. She becomes so overcome with emotions when she visualises deep, dark eyes directed towards hers: huge but hollow, infinite but shallow. There is no way possible for a human to cover her burning depths under a perfect mask of calm. She, at times ends up staring but completely looking through it, searching for a virtual proxy of the elixir…

…willing every particle of the nature to favour her, just for once. She is willing to sacrifice anything, but not everything, because everything of hers is linked to it. She can give up everything, besides itself, to attain the highest purity of it.

Her desire for Completeness grows and grows, and will continue to grow, until she realises that it is eating her up from the inside. Dissolving her in its essence. Evaporating her senses. But it’s strong, like her. Her thirst for the Powerful and Complete. Two words, having discrete implications. Diffused into one.

That which is Powerful and Complete can only make her whole. From the inside and the outside. Through and through. And make her divine and beautiful. For she is prepared to surrender herself unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the initial infinite energy, from which matter took birth.


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