Float Away

The noise of four clocks rings in my ears. The house is eerily silent. I sit immobile on my bed, staring at my reflections my soul gets displaced from my body and floats away. I feel light, when


The noise brings my soul back with a jolt so hard that my heart moves up my throat and my lungs move closer. My eyes widen, and my pupils dilate. I realise that I have forgotten how to breathe. I gulp down pints of air and puff up my lungs enough to make them burst  with the strain. The bronchioles work furiously to stabilise the respiration process. After a few minutes, I am breathing normal again and the arrangement in my rib cage has settled.

I lecture myself to stay calm. So I am a statue again. Every small noise does not bring terror, but anticipation. The lights are on, all of them. They had to be, or I wouldn’t be able to sit in dignified silence.  The distant sound of closing a door and locking it propagates through my ears. I ready myself to pull the sheets over my head any second. Seconds pass. Then minutes. No sign of life, yet.

I sigh, and get back into the monotonous position.


Then the barking starts. Scores and scores of tones with different frequencies liven up the drowsy night. I stir myself out of bed, and walk up to the balcony to get a view of the life awake. They fuss over nothing, really.

So I walk back to my room and drag the blanket up to my nose to regain my body warmth. The clocks ticking are the only sound that my brain receives. After what seems an eternity, the much awaited sound of locking a door  and walking up the stairs invokes the air. I switch of one light, and allow my drowsiness to overcome me. And with that, my soul floats away, again, but this time for a better cause in a better world.


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