When New Blossoms

I decided after a long time, my site deserved new shiz.

So here goes!

It’s strange. I’m looking at stuff twice to allow my brain to register what I am seeing. A guy eating rice, that couple over there arguing over something, their son playing racing games at full volume. This all seems so…materialistic. Unreal. I place my palm against my cheek. I can barely feel either of them. My eyes start watering at the contact. I gasp for air, but it doesn’t come to me. My body temperature is rising steadily. The calcareous deposits in my brain get displaced every time I turn my head. I can barely hear what my mother is saying. When I try to reply, my voice rings my ears as if projected from an amplifier. I feel cranky. Snappy.

The aroma wafts through the air. My stomach rumbles loudly. I can barely hear or see my mother now, and I start feeling panicky. She is saying something, as she straightens up and arranges the napkin on her lap. My sister follows the same procedure. So does my father. I deduce that I am supposed to do the same. And I fumble with the serviette. The aroma gets intense. I feel dizzy. Then when it is before my eyes, my mind gets cleared. My nausea gets diminished. I pick up my fork and knife, for it has arrived.

Steamed fish in hot garlic sauce and pan fried chicken noodles.

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