Tips to play badminton

prashantbadminton1Tip 1: Stay Cool

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for every match. Preferably polyester t-shirts that you would get at any sports shop, they help absorb sweat quicker, and make you feel lighter and more comfortable. And if you are playing indoors, ensure you are carrying the special badminton shoes with the bbc sole.

Staying cool doesn’t always mean wearing cool clothes and shoes. It also means staying mentally cool. Prepare your self well before the game. Remember, even the hardest and the best can fall. So if you are playing against a really good player, keep in mind that that player can be beaten. After all, even Lee Chong Wei(world’s no. 1 men singles’ player) lost quite a few games.

shuttleTip 2: Warm up

Have a little jog around the stadium before playing. It helps you be on your feet all the time. A warm-up is a must before any sport as it gives you that boost, and energizes you, and also helps you to be alert.

Tip 3: Stay in the middle of the court always

Your opponent can hit a shuttle anywhere on the court(if it’s out, don’t pick it!). So stay in the middle, to make it easier for picking the shots. After every shot, return back to the middle. This is one technique that most players fail to adopt.

Tip 4: Do placing

By placing, I mean aiming the shuttle to different parts of the court. Don’t aim the shuttle always to the player, do it away from the player. Place a shot at the back, the player will go back, then place the shot in the front, the player will either manage to pick it, or most probably miss it. Do it the same with either sides of the court.

downloadTip 5: Tire your opponent

By tiring the opposing player, most likely the game will be in your hands. Once the player gets tired, he/she starts under performing, and believe me, you are bound to win.

How to tire your player? By placing, dropping, and smashing.

Tip 6: Never be overconfident

I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one. The more over confident you will be, the weaker you will play.

Tip 6:Enjoy the game, don’t be afraid of losing

Because if you are, you won’t enjoy the game when it becomes one-sided, and you won’t be able to catch up on those points you lost.



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